BrainStem Biometrics is on a mission to reduce risks and extend the lives of elderly critical care patients who many times leave the ICU in worse shape than when they arrived, in part to sedative mis-management. Our firm was established to address the global problem of over-sedation in critical care which costs health systems billions of dollars each year in unnecessary costs and inefficiencies. Furthermore, sub-optimal sedation has been shown to reduce the risks of 180-day mortality for ventilated critically ill patients and has been shown to prolong the duration of ventilation by an estimated 25-40% with associated costs and inefficiencies. We also expect that the mis-management of sedation results in significant increased reliance upon post-ICU healthcare and commensurate cost burdens.


The company has developed a unique sedation monitoring system that may allow clinicians to adjust medications to achieve target sedation levels. Our patent-protected technology is based on Ocular microtremor (OMT) or small nano-scale neurological impulse waves that emanate from deep inside the brainstem. Our non-invasive wearable sensor system is light weight, low cost and goes unnoticed by patients. Please contact us for further information