Simple and Non-Invasive

Introducing a clean and low cost system that powerfully reads minute movements of the eye providing a simple, specific and non-invasive measurement of basic brainstem function.

Cleared by the FDA

Sensor adheres to a patient’s eyelid similar to other single-use patches that are used routinely to assess vital signs. Demonstrated to be safe and effective through 510 (k) on hundreds of patients worldwide.

60% of patients are over sedated while 15% are under sedated.

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25 Years of Research

Neuroscience inside. This system employs ocular microtremor (OMT) technology and is the result of over 25 years of R&D and clinical validation by top neuroscientists, anesthesiologists and critical care specialists.

Clinically Validated; Specific & Sensitive

Physicians have validated this sensor system in a range of conditions and altered brain states such as ¬†anesthesia, sedation, sleep, coma, death, Parkinson’s and MS applications in over 14 studies.

Why a new standard?

Our solution is a new sedation standard.